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I am Marina, Your Dynamic Charting Instructor.


After 14 years of hypothalamic amenorrhoea, whilst training and performing as a professional ballet dancer, I recovered my menstrual cycle and now use Symptopro to optimise my health and avoid pregnancy.

I first discovered the world of Fertility Awareness when I wanted to be certain all my HA recovery attempts were truly working.

I learnt what ovulation was, and how to confirm it happened, then became obsessed with menstrual health.

I originally self-taught a method called Taking Charge of Your Fertility, before leaning Symptopro as a student and then certifying as an educator through their instructor program. 


Practising Fertility Awareness is one of the most interesting and artful things I have incorporated into my daily life. 

I work with people who menstruate, all around the world, at different reproductive life stages. 

I work with people either avoiding or achieving pregnancy.

Body literacy is an incredible tool of empowerment that I want to passionately share with everyone in all walks of life.

I want to help my clients to optimise their health.



"I have thoroughly enjoyed taking Marina’s classes on natural fertility. I found her teaching strategy to be very easy to follow and the content so interesting. Marina has been so responsive whenever I’ve had questions and she is so knowledgeable in this field. This course is full of invaluable information and has given me the confidence to remove a copper iud and fully trust this process. I’m very excited to continue learning with Marina. Highly recommended!"


Would you like to learn Symptopro with me? 

A Fertility Awareness Method of Natural Family Planning.

Be in touch, find me on Instagram @dynamic.charting

+61 477 938 170

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