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Dynamic Charting

Symptopro is a Fertility Awareness Method of Birth Control and Natural Family Planning

Are you sick of the side effects of your birth control and want a natural option to manage your fertility?


Whether you're trying to achieve or avoid a pregnancy, or optimise your health, understanding your daily fertility is totally invaluable body literacy you want to have.

Observe, chart, and interpret your dynamic daily fertility biomarkers, and adjust your behaviour to your goals.


I am proud to be the only certified Symptopro instructor in Australia.


Learn Symptopro with me

Avoid pregnancy using a natural birth control without side effects


I teach you to use Symptopro, with efficacy up to 99%, for avoiding pregnancy. 

It's all about understanding your daily changing fertility, I'll teach you everything you need to know.


This is a sympto-thermal method which means we will dive deep into understanding cervical mucus, cervical traits, vaginal sensation symptoms, basal body temperature, hormones and how the menstrual cycle works.

You'll discover how whether you're avoiding pregnancy or trying for a baby, pregnancy is only possible for a few days out of each  menstrual cycle.

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