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Marina exceeded all my expectations. She blended a personable and highly professional approach that immediately put me at ease when discussing my personal journey. The knowledge and empowerment I gained regarding my body and its natural cycles has been invaluable. I wholeheartedly endorse Marina and cannot emphasize enough how much I recommend her. I am incredibly grateful for the enriching learning experience she provided.​


Marina is a fantastic teacher, patient and engaging. I feel more empowered thanks to better understanding my body and appreciated how supportive she was along the way! Her passion for charting and education clearly shines through. 



My fiancé and I thoroughly enjoyed working through the course offered by Marina! She did a wonderful job teaching and answering any questions.

Before the class, I had my doubts about doing FAM, but afterwardsI feel fully confident to continue this and use it as a birth control method.


Learn Symptopro with me

Introductory offer

A full course of instruction but just pay what you can afford.

Includes three months of unlimited 1:1 support. 

The Symptopro online classroom materials costs approximately AUD$25.

I make no profit from those material costs, the organisation does.

Read Your Body app is offering all clients of mine 3 months free access to their app, but you are also welcome to use paper charting.


My own experience of charting has been totally priceless and wonderful.
I am in awe every day of my body and I love that I get to make a visual representation of my fertility- it’s so beautiful and exciting to see it tangibly in front of me, day to day. 


Whether avoiding pregnancy is your highest priority, you’re trying to achieve pregnancy, or you’re somewhere in the middle- this method of body literacy is an invaluable life skill.

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  • How effective is Dynamic Charting with Symptopro?
    Symptopro is a double check symptothermal method with research evidence of up to 99% effectiveness with perfect use.
  • What will it cost me?
    For a limited time I'm holding a course of instruction, just pay what you can (minimum $100-$450). The lesson materials for the online classroom from the Symptopro organisation are included and are approx $25AUD. I make no profit from this cost, it goes directly to Symptopro. The textbook required can be purchased in digital version from amazon for approx $10AUD, or hard copy from the Symptopro online store for approx $30AUD. I make no profit from the material costs. You'll also need a basal body thermometer (Temp drop or some other devices are also acceptable), which is available at a chemist. Read Your Body app is offering all clients of mine 3 months free access to their app.
  • Why isn't it free?
    I had to pay hundreds of dollars to certify as an instructor. around AUD$600, (happy to find the receipt if you want it exactly!) I have to pay an annual instructor registration fee with Symptopro. USD$50 I have to pay student registration fees to Symptopro for every single student who I teach. USD$25 I have to pay for a website domain. I have to pay for website building software. AUD$242 I have to pay for all the office supplies, apps, documents and materials, and things even like printing paper. I also had to spend hours and hours over two years studying and doing a practicum to certify. I spent hours and hours and hours creating the course on the platform, and will continue to develop it. I also spend hours of time in 1:1s, face to face with you! Across all time zones, means sometimes it's funny hours for me. I have a wealth of knowledge, and continue to participate in expanding my knowledge through readings, educational courses, meetups, research and discussion, all of which costs me time and money. The efficacy of Fertility Awareness Methods comes from a course of supervision and instruction with an instructor who is trained.
  • What is the time commitment for the course?
    The schedule is 6 weeks long in total. There are three complete lessons, each two weeks apart. Each class about 2 hours long live, including time for activities. Unlimited individual follow-ups for three months of support. Via Whatsapp text and video call. Unlimited chart reviews for three months from start date are included. Each day has two minutes of activities or tips, separate from the lessons.
  • What personal support will I receive?
    From the date you start the first class, I offer you three months of unlimited support via Whatsapp text or video call, and email. By the three month mark of applied learning and practice, I hope that I would have allowed you to become a confident and autonomous charter. If for any reason, you would like a chart review, or a rule review beyond that point, a small fee would be applied.
  • What does it actually look like to put FAM into my daily life?
    Fertility Awareness requires consistent daily observations of your cervical mucus, vaginal sensation, and cervical traits. This takes a total of about one to two minutes a day. You also need to record your basal body temperature every day, at the same time, in the same way. Throughout the course we discuss observational protocols, and troubleshoot if difficulties arise.
  • What if I have weird or irregular cycles?
    Do you have irregular cycles and get caught out by your period when you didn't expect it? Or maybe you thought your period went missing and had a pregnancy scare. Did you know you can accurately predict the arrival of your next menstrual bleed even with long, short, or irregular cycles? Charting is great with PCOS management and in HA recovery. You can chart from menarche, postpartum, to menopause, with typical or non typical cycles.
  • Can I use devices like TempDrop or Oura ring?
    Short answer is yes, you can temp any way you please. Longer answer is, it's not technically the way that the research has been done, so the 99% effectiveness rate can technically only be relied upon using traditional basal body temperature measurements. However, many people successfully chart with smart devices.
  • What kind of training did you need to become a Certified Instructor for Symptopro?
    I first had to be a student for three months in the same course as you! Then I had to chart for an additional 6 months. After that I had to undergo a year and a half long certification including a practicum with real students, and several in depth assessments. Before this, I self taught and used TCOYF for a short period of time.
  • Can I enrol from Anywhere in the World?
    Yes! I work across time zones. Live classes are recorded in case you can't make it, but 1:1's will be scheduled at mutually convenient times. I've worked across all continents, and never been unable to accommodate :)
  • Do you teach Celsius or Fahrenheit?
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