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About Me

My name is Marina Bull.

If I'm not massaging, you'll find my in ballet class, rock climbing, or on my bike.


Most recently, I've been massaging Bangarra Dance Theater, Australia's leading contemporary Indigenous dance company.


I attained my Diploma in Remedial Massage in 2013, through the Australian College of Massage, over two years, between and beside a professional ballet career internationally.

My dancing career spanned between 2009-2018 and I performed with Birmingham Royal Ballet, The Paris Opera Ballet, The Croatian National Ballet, Ballet Manila,  Moravian Theater of Olomouc (Czech Republic), The National Ballet of Romania, The State Ballet of Stara Zagora (Bulgaria). 

Throughout my training and career as a dancer I experienced many injuries, torn muscles, sprains, strains, broken bones, fractures, and nothing ever gave me as much relief as massage- even when I had a broken bone.

My injuries led me to explore a variety of therapies, all which I now incorporate into my treatments, with the aim of not only assisting with recovery, but enhancing performance.

Massage enhances performance by improving flexibility and mobility (higher legs, longer strides), breathing capacity (stamina, endurance), reducing soreness so you can work harder with shorter recovery times (heavier weights).

Let me help you smash your goals!

Association of Massage Therapists Senior Member.

Fenton and Green Insured. 

Meridian System and Acupoints  (2023) Australian School of Remedial Therapies

Senior First Aid (latest update 2022)

Certificate in Biomedical Imaging (2019) University of Queensland

Certificate in Dry Needling, Precise Points (2018)

Certified International Kinesiotape practitioner (2015), Kinesiotape International

Diploma in Remedial Massage (2015) Australian College of Massage.

Certificate IV in Massage Therapy (2013) Australian College of Massage.

Certificate IIV in Fitness Instruction- Australian Fitness Insititute,(2011)

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